The objectives of Payame Noor Institute are to establish and maintain
an educational organization and to provide Farsi (Persian language)
education and to create and foster Iranian culture to its members.
Payame Noor Institute is a not for profit organization and it does not
discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin,
disability, age, and religion in administration or its educational

Our school was established in 1996 with the effort of many Iranian
parents having common goals of creating an organization where their children could learn and practice their national origin language, Farsi.

At first the parents took turn and the classes were held in the
parents' houses. Later, five families decided to rent a place on weekends to hold our Farsi classes. We rented rooms in Roeland Park
Community Center and conducted Farsi classes on weekends. All
the expenses were paid by the parents and the volunteers. Payam-e Noor
Institute became officially registered as a non-profit
organization in 2008.

Since then, we have been able to continue our Farsi classes and celebrate our cultural events in greater Kansas City. We also have been blessed with receiving enough donations to pay for the expenses of our educational and cultural programs. Payam-e Noor Institute currently is offering Farsi classes at the elementary level from first through the fifth grade.

The parents of our students have been very happy and supportive with the
way we run our school and they love the Farsi and cultural programs
that Payam-e Noor can provide to their children.



Payame Noor